All about Chronic Kidney Disease

All about Chronic Kidney Disease 1

Kidneys are vital organs in our body that help in the removal of waste products and excess fluid from our body through urine. The process of urine production in the kidneys is a complex procedure which is absolutely essential to maintain the stability and balance of the body chemicals. Apart from the production of urine, kidneys produce certain hormones which affect the functioning of other organs and they also regulate the body’s salt, potassium and acid content. Along with these functions, kidneys play a vital role in producing an active form of vitamin D which helps in having strong and healthy bones. This helps us understand what would happen if our kidneys don’t function properly.

Such important organs in our body can be damaged resulting in their improper functioning and leading to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The condition of CKD can be understood as some type of kidney abnormality and being affected by reduced kidney function for a period of three months or longer. The reasons for the dysfunction of kidneys could be due to the effects of diabetes or high blood pressure and in some cases, it could be due to conditions that are inherited and run in families. Homeo clinics that diagnose and treat a patient considering not only the individual patient history but also the family history can really help you understand if you are at risk of developing CKD and can take preventive measures in the form of lifestyle and dietary changes.

CKD & its stages

CKD is a condition of the kidney characterized by a gradual loss of its function over a period of several years leading to permanent kidney failure. It is also referred to as chronic renal failure/chronic renal disease or chronic kidney failure and often goes unidentified and undiagnosed until the disease is in its advanced stage. Generally, the level of kidney function and the stage of CKD are determined using Glomerular Filtration Rate (GMR).

  • Stage 1 – This is the stage when the GMR is normal but there is evidence that kidney disease is detected.
  • Stage 2 – In this stage, GFR is below 90ml and there is evidence that kidney disease is detected.
  • Stage 3 – In this stage, GFR is below 60ml irrespective of the availability of evidence of kidney disease.
  • Stage 4 – In this stage, GFR is below 30ml irrespective of the availability of evidence of kidney disease.
  • Stage 5 – This is the stage when GFR is below 15ml and renal failure has occurred.

Causes of chronic kidney disease:

Anyone irrespective of gender and race can be affected by chronic kidney disease. There are multiple factors that can cause and increase the risk of CKD in a person.

  • Diabetes – CKD can be linked to type 1 and type 2 diabetes which, when not controlled properly leads to accumulation of excess sugar in the blood and it is seen that CKD generally occurs after more than 15 years of a diabetes diagnosis. Controlling your diabetes is the first step you can take to prevent CKD and Delphis is one of the top Homeopathy clinics in Hyderabad, offering excellent remedies for diabetes.
  • High blood pressure – Hypertension or high blood pressure which damages the glomeruli, that filter waste in the kidneys, is also one of the major causes of CKD.
  • Obstructed urine flow – Blocked urine flow that moves back into the kidney from the bladder could also cause CKD.
  • Kidney diseases – Various diseases of kidney like polycystic kidney disease etc. also cause CKD.
  • Toxins – Certain toxins like solvents and lead can result in chronic renal failure.
  • Kidney development problem – When kidneys are not developed properly in an unborn baby in the womb, it can lead to kidney disease.
  • Other factors – Some other factors like an autoimmune disorder, malaria, excessive use of certain medications, illegal substance abuse, or a physical injury to the kidneys can also cause CKD.

Symptoms of CKD

Chronic kidney disease is characterized by the following symptoms –

Anaemia Dark urine/ blood in the urine
Swollen feet, hands, anklesFatigue
Decreased mental alertnessItchy skin
Loss of appetiteErectile dysfunction
Frequent urination or decreased urine outputMuscle cramps and pain
NauseaPain in the mid or lower back
Shortness of breathSudden change in body weight
Unexplained headachesInsomnia

Can Homeo Help?

Chronic kidney disease does not have a cure, but homeopathy clinics have remedies to help control the symptoms resulting from the various underlying causes by providing appropriate treatment for those ailments or conditions and thereby slow down the progression of the disease and reduce the risk of further complications. Delphis, the best Homeo clinic in Hyderabad, provides individualized therapies consisting of Homeo remedies, nutritional tips, psychological counselling and lifestyle modification tips considering a patient’s personal medical history along with other aspects like lifestyle choices and family history.

All about Chronic Kidney Disease

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