Avoid Complications of Hypertension with Homeopathy


Hypertension, more commonly referred to as high blood pressure, is a chronic health condition with no typical symptoms as such, although over a period of time it can lead to various complications. Usually, people get to know that they have developed the condition of hypertension when they are affected by some major health issue which in most cases would be a complication resulting from hypertension. Consult your preferred Homeopathy clinics to protect yourself from the complications of hypertension with zero side-effects medicines.

What is hypertension?

To understand hypertension, you should first understand what blood pressure is. It is the force that moves your blood through the circulatory system helping oxygen and nutrients in your body to move around and nourish tissues and organs. Your blood pressure depends on the amount of blood pumped by your heart and the amount of resistance for the blood flow in your arteries. With narrower arteries and more blood pumped by your heart, your blood pressure becomes high.

Hypertension Symptoms:

You could be living with hypertension for years without the knowledge of its existence for the lack of symptoms. You may not notice any symptoms of high blood pressure yet, it can affect your health to a great extent by damaging your blood vessels and heart. That’s the reason it is called a ‘silent killer’ and you should get your blood pressure monitored regularly to detect it early. Some people may have certain symptoms though, which include –

  • headaches, especially in the morning
  • fatigue
  • confusion
  • difficulty in breathing
  • irregular heartbeat
  • chest pain
  • vision problems
  • pounding in the chest, ears or neck
  • nosebleeds
  • vomiting
  • anxiety

Hypertension Types and Causes:

Primary Hypertension – When there is no identifiable cause of hypertension, it is called primary hypertension and develops slowly over many years.

Secondary Hypertension – When your hypertension is caused by an underlying condition, it is called secondary hypertension and it appears suddenly. Different health conditions and medicines can result in secondary hypertension which include –

  • Thyroid problems
  • Kidney problems
  • Sleep-related ailments
  • Certain medicines used for contraception, cold, etc.

Your risk of developing hypertension increases –

  • with increasing age
  • if anyone from your family has hypertension
  • if you are overweight/obese
  • if you lead a sedentary lifestyle
  • if you use tobacco or consume alcohol
  • if you have high levels of stress
  • when your diet is high in sodium or low in potassium
  • when you have certain chronic diseases (kidney diseases, diabetes, etc.)

Hypertension Complications:

Unidentified or untreated hypertension can lead to grave complications which can be avoided by getting your blood pressure monitored regularly by a nearby doctor or by yourself with the help of blood pressure monitor for home use. Long-term high blood pressure can lead to –

  • heart problems, heart attack, and heart failure
  • kidney problems
  • stroke
  • eye problems that can lead to blindness

Hypertension and Homeopathy:

Homeopathy clinics treat the sick person rather than the sickness or symptoms of a patient because of the holistic approach they follow. Homeopathy believes that the body constitution of an individual along with the environmental factors and stress levels leads to the condition of hypertension and hence provides personalized remedies to deal with the person in totality which will help control hypertension too. Homeo remedies offered by the top homeopathy clinics are the best option to deal with secondary hypertension as you need not take multiple medicines for multiple symptoms or underlying health conditions.

Avoid Complications of Hypertension with Homeopathy
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