Beat Your Migraine Blues with Homeopathy


Everyone suffers a headache and headaches, in general, are irritating and draining. But, migraine headaches are more terrible and only a person who suffers these can understand the pain and discomfort associated with them. These headaches differ from person to person with a peculiar pain coupled with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, sound/light sensitivity, etc.

The pain and suffering of migraine headaches are severe and many people describe it in various ways. Some people may feel as if their skull is being pressed down, some have a tendency to avoid light as if someone is stabbing them, some may feel terrible pain that makes them think they have a brain failure, some feel a sensation of their head being squeezed in a helmet kind of thing, some people have temporary loss of vision. Whatever kind of experiences they have, one thing is common and that is a throbbing pain. However, all this suffering can be eliminated with proper homeopathy treatment for migraine.

Is Migraine not a regular headache?

Absolutely not! It is more than a headache and is a neurological condition causing severe pounding pain usually on one side of the head. It is characterized by multiple symptoms like vomiting, nausea, a feeling of numbness, and sensitivity to light or sound. It is found that migraine headaches can run in families and they can affect anyone and at any age with women being more prone than men.

Migraine headaches are so severe that they can affect a person for a few hours to some days and interfere with the daily routine thereby disturbing their personal & professional life to a great extent. Some people with the migraine condition experience a warning symptom before or along with the headache which is called ‘aura’. This may include seeing a flash of light; tingling on one side of the face, an arm or leg; and may even cause difficulty in speaking in some.

Migraine Attack:

The most severe or acute phase of a migraine headache is the attack phase when the actual migraine pain is experienced. This may last up to anywhere between hours to days. People often describe this phase and the pain as pounding, debilitating, perforating, throbbing, and pulsating. Commonly affecting the forehead area and although usually experienced on one side of the head, one may have pain on both the sides as well.

Many times, people may not recognize their headache as migraine and leave it untreated. However, with the best treatment for migraine provided by the Homeo clinics, the intensity and recurrence of migraines can be reduced to a great extent.

Causes of migraine:

Various genetic and environmental factors may lead to the condition of migraine in people. The common factors that trigger a migraine attack are –

  • Lights & sounds – Sun glare, bright lights, loud sounds and strong smells
  • Stress – Stressful conditions at home or workplace
  • Hormonal changes – Fluctuations in hormones in women before or during menstrual periods,
  • pregnancy or menopause
  • Drinks – Drinks including alcohol, wine, and beverages consisting of caffeine
  • Sleep – Insufficient sleep, sleeping excessively, or jet lag
  • Food – Salty and processed food, food preservatives, skipping meals
  • Other factors – physical exertion, change of weather, certain medications, etc.

Homeo Treatment:

Conventional treatment methods for migraine include the use of pain killers that only give temporary relief by suppressing the symptoms. However, the exceptional treatment offered by Delphis, the best Homeopathy Clinic in Hyderabad, provides a permanent cure in the form of Homeo remedies for migraine that treats the person as a whole rather than the symptoms.

Beat Your Migraine Blues with Homeopathy
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