Osteoporosis – Homeopathic Treatment

What is bone health?

Bones provide structure to the body, protect organs and anchor muscles. Bone health is important for everyone because after a person reaches the age of thirty, more bone mass is lost in the bone remodeling process wherein an old bone is broken down and a new bone is formed. The more bone mass one gains by the age of thirty, the stronger the bones are and fewer chances of developing osteoporosis – the loss of bone strength. Osteoporosis makes bones fragile and prone to fractures.

Signs and Symptoms:
  • Non-specific pain all over the body
  • Severe pain leading to immobility
  • Feeling of tenderness when touched
Why choose Homeopathy?

After determining the rate of bone loss with bone density test, Homeopaths give remedies along with diet and lifestyle modifications that need to be adapted. There are multiple factors that can trigger the development of osteoporosis and homeopathy is the best treatment method that takes into account each and every factor before starting with the remedy.

Osteoporosis – Homeopathic Treatment
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