Can Homeo Help in Dealing with Gastroenteritis?


Gastroenteritis is a common condition that is characterized by diarrhea and vomiting. Although it can affect people of any age, it is more common among young children and is caused by bacteria or viruses. Gastroenteritis is also called ‘stomach flu’ however, it is not related to influenza and is a different ailment altogether with the inflammation of the stomach and intestines. You can recover from this condition easily if you are a healthy person as such but, infants, elderly people and people with weakened immune systems need to be careful as it can become life-threatening for such people if not treated properly. Choose Homeo clinics for the best treatment and medicines that have no side-effects and easy to use for people of all ages.

What is Gastroenteritis?

Gastroenteritis is an intestinal infection that shows signs of diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, etc. The common problem faced by people with this condition is dehydration due to the watery, loose stools and vomiting. To combat dehydration, you should drink plenty of fluids to replace the fluids lost due to diarrhea and vomiting. Gastroenteritis can become contagious due to the viruses and bacteria that cause this condition and it mainly spreads through the consumption of contaminated food and water.

Symptoms of Gastroenteritis:

Watery diarrhea and vomiting are the predominant symptoms of gastroenteritis and you may have other symptoms too –

  • stomach pain
  • abdominal cramps
  • fever
  • nausea
  • headache
  • dehydration (dry skin, dry mouth, feeling very thirsty)

Causes of Gastroenteritis:

Gastroenteritis is caused by several viruses and bacteria which include –

  • Norovirus – This virus can infect both children and adults and it is one of the most common causes of illness due to food. This virus can spread from person to person through the sharing of utensils, clothes or food and through contaminated water and food.
  • Rotavirus – This is one of the widespread causes of gastroenteritis among infants and children as they tend to put their fingers or objects infected with the virus in their mouth.

Gastroenteritis is spread through food and water that is contaminated; through the sharing of personal items of infected persons; through the fecal-oral route. This condition can affect people of all ages but, some people are more vulnerable to the condition than others.

  • Infants and children are at a high risk of contracting this condition as their immune system is not fully developed and strong enough.
  • Elderly people are also vulnerable because their immune system weakens with age.
  • People of any age with a weakened immune system have low resistance power to fight off various infections and hence they are also more prone to gastroenteritis.
  • School children and people who come together in close quarters have more chances of getting infected from other people.

Prevention is better:

You can always take precautionary measures to prevent from getting infected and spreading the infection –

  • Consume hygienic food and drink clean water.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before eating, and after using the toilet with warm water and soap preferably.
  • Avoid sharing utensils used for eating and drinking and other personal items like towels, etc.
  • Regularly disinfect the doorknobs, taps, etc., if you are sharing space with an infected person.

Homeopathy and Gastroenteritis:

The first remedy for gastroenteritis is taking plenty of fluids including ORS to replenish the lost ones and then the next one is reaching out to one of your nearest Homeo clinics for zero-side-effects treatment. Homeopathy clinics offer remedies that take into account the overall health and immunity levels of a person and work towards strengthening the body and mind to fight off any kind of infection efficiently. This helps the patients to recover quickly and totally because the root cause of your ailment is addressed rather than the symptoms alone. Delphis offers the best treatment for gastroenteritis.

Can Homeo Help in Dealing with Gastroenteritis?

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