Combat Ear Infections to Avoid Hearing Loss

Combat Ear Infections to Avoid Hearing Loss 1
Ear Infections

It is common to hear some things from people affected by ear infections. They often say they feel that their ear is underwater or they have a feeling of plugged ears. Ear infections are due to ‘Otitis’ which refers to the inflammation of the ear and generally affects children between the ages of six months to three years although it can affect anyone at any age. If left untreated, ear infections can become severe leading to hearing loss or complete deafness. To avoid this, one can approach the top homeopathy clinics for appropriate and timely treatment.

What is Otitis?

Otitis refers to ear infection due to the inflammation of the ear and there are different types of otitis depending on the area of the infection.

  • Otitis Interna – This type of ear infection involving the inner ear is a rare one but, can cause significant hearing loss. This may occur as a side-effect of middle-ear surgery leading to bacterial infection.
  • Otitis Media – Usually, the middle-ear space is filled with air, but when this space is filled with fluid or is infected due to bacteria or virus it results in otitis media.
  • Otitis Externa – Also called swimmer’s ear, this type of ear infection involves the outer ear and ear canal. It is caused by bacterial infection on the ear canal and generates pain in the ear when touched or pulled.

Symptoms of Otitis:

The main symptom of any type of otitis is pain in the ear. Pain generally increases when the earlobe is pulled in case of otitis externa which does not happen in the case of otitis media. The other signs and symptoms of ear infection include –

  • frequently pulling the ear
  • children cry more and are irritable than usual
  • reduced appetite
  • sleep deprivation
  • a feeling of blocked ear
  • difficulty in hearing
  • drainage of fluid from the ear
  • fever
  • loss of appetite
  • headache

Causes of Otitis:

  • Usually, ear infections are caused by bacteria or viral infections resulting from other illnesses like cold, flu or allergies.
  • Eustachian tubes that run behind the nasal passages from the middle ear to the back of throat can become swollen due to various reasons blocking and building up the fluids in the ear. When this fluid gets infected it causes ear infections.
  • In some people, swelling of adenoids (small pads of tissues at the back of the nose) leads to blockage of eustachian tubes and thereby ear infections.

Various factors like age, infant feeding, group child care, seasonal allergies, and poor air quality increase the risk of developing ear infections.

Otitis and Homeopathy:

In the conventional medicine system, usually, antibiotics are prescribed for the ear infections which do not show much efficacy in case of viral infection-induced otitis. Remedies offered by the Homeo clinics are really effective in treating ear infections because they are judiciously picked to address both the patient’s pattern of symptoms and total health condition. Also, the best treatment for ear infections provided by the homeopaths helps in avoiding further complications and dealing with other conditions like perennial rhinitis and nasal polyps.

Combat Ear Infections to Avoid Hearing Loss
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