Effective Homeo Treatment for Lipomas


Many people, nearly one in every thousand people, have fatty tissue that develops beneath the skin. This fatty tissue called lipoma can appear anywhere on the body but it generally appears more on the trunk, shoulders, neck, and armpits. Most people affected have only one lipoma, but some people can develop multiple lipomas as well. Although lipomas can affect people of all ages, they are more common in people in the age group of forty to sixty years. Lipomas are usually benign (non-cancerous) tumors for which treatment is not necessary generally but if they are painful or generate cosmetic issues, they can be treated with safe and natural remedies offered by the Delphis homeopathy clinic.

What is Lipoma?

A lipoma is a fatty lump that grows in your body’s soft tissues due to the excessive growth of fatty cells. It is classified as a tumor, however, it is non-cancerous. A lipoma grows slowly between the skin and the underlying muscle layer which feels doughy when touched and moves with little pressure. Lipomas generally occur on the chest, shoulders, neck and armpits and very rarely occur in the muscles, bones or internal organs. Lipomas are categorized based on the component of the lump and the site of the lump. Usually, people approach doctors when their lipomas are either painful or they result in concerns related to appearance.

Symptoms of Lipomas:

Lipomas typically show the following symptoms –

  • Under the skin – they are situated just under the skin.
  • Soft to touch – they are soft, doughy to touch and move easily with a slight pressure of a finger.
  • Small – usually, lipomas are small measuring less than two inches in diameter, but they can grow bigger.
  • Painful – they can be painful when they grow and put pressure on the nearby nerves.
  • Respiratory problems – they can cause respiratory distress when they occur in the major airways.
  • Acid reflux – they can result in regurgitation, acid reflux and vomiting in the case of esophageal lipomas.

Causes of Lipomas:

The exact cause of lipomas is unknown but certain factors are considered to trigger the condition which include –

  • Genes
  • Age between 40 – 60 years
  • Health conditions like adiposis dolorosa, cowden syndrome, etc.

Lipomas and Homeopathy: Lipomas beneath the skin primarily cause cosmetic issues, but when they occur in other locations they can lead to complications like luminal obstruction or haemorrhage. To avoid complications and get rid of the awkward appearance issues with zero-side-effects medicines, you should consult the Delphis homeopathy clinic in Hyderabad.  Homeo remedies aid in the reduction of the size of lipomas, prevention of new lipomas being formed, and pain relief.

Effective Homeo Treatment for Lipomas

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