Homeo Can Help in Fighting Schizophrenia


Usually, when your friends or family have a health problem, they discuss it with you and you try to understand it by putting yourself in their shoes. However, this is not possible in mental disorder cases like schizophrenia. A person with schizophrenia gets affected by the disorder in such a way that the basic processes of thinking and understanding are impacted. So, you can’t understand how he/she feels. It is important that a holistic treatment that not just deals with external symptoms that can be seen but with all the emotional and mental aspects is provided to the person affected by the condition. Homeopathy clinics are well-known for their holistic approach in providing treatment for various mental ailments including the best treatment for schizophrenia.

What is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder that impacts how a person thinks, feels and behaves. Usually appearing in adolescence and early adulthood, it can be a lifetime struggle characterized by hallucinations and thinking difficulties. Though the occurrence of this condition is not as common as other mental illnesses, it is estimated that nearly 1% of the global adult population is affected by the condition. Some people develop the condition slowly over a period of years without the knowledge of having it or some people may be hit by the condition suddenly.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia:

Symptoms of schizophrenia may vary from person to person and these symptoms can be broadly categorized as

  • Positive symptoms – These are psychotic behaviours that do not generally appear in healthy people. These people tend to stay away from reality due to –
    • delusions
    • hallucinations
    • thought disorders
    • movement disorders
  • Negative symptoms – These are symptoms that reduce a person’s abilities and are associated with disturbance in normal behaviour and emotions. People with these symptoms have reduced facial or vocal expressions; they don’t find pleasure in daily life, reduce speaking, and may have difficulty in starting and carrying on activities.
  • Cognitive symptoms – These symptoms are related to memory and thinking aspects like trouble in focusing and the ability to understand and process information to make appropriate decisions.

Causes of Schizophrenia:

Multiple factors contribute to the condition of schizophrenia.

  • Genes – If a parent has the condition, the risk of developing the condition in the child is about 10% whereas, with no family history of the condition, the risk drops to less than 1%.
  • Brain Chemistry – Chemical imbalance in the brain also causes schizophrenia.
  • Family relationships – Turbulence in family relationships can trigger a relapse of the condition or worsen it.
  • Environment – Factors like malnutrition before birth, trauma during birth, exposure to viruses, and taking mind-altering substances or drugs can also lead to the development of schizophrenia.

Complications of Schizophrenia:

Mental illnesses are often not identified properly by the family members and even when identified, the affected person doesn’t like a medical intervention. But, schizophrenia should be identified and treated in time failing which; could lead to severe complications in the affected person impacting every aspect of life.

  • There are chances that the affected person may get addicted to tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.
  • The person may not be able to attend school or work.
  • The person may be victimized and prefer social isolation.
  • The condition may lead to anxiety disorders, depression, thoughts of self-injury and suicide in the person.
  • Any or all of the above complications can lead to family, legal, and financial problems and at times may also result in homelessness.

Schizophrenia and Homeopathy:

Delphis, one of the top Homeo clinics in Hyderabad, offers the best treatment for schizophrenia. Homeopathy has deep-acting remedies that work on rectifying the root cause of the condition rather than just the external symptoms. With the natural medicines of homeopathy, schizophrenia can be treated effectively wherein the person will regain a sense of general well-being along with the reduction of symptoms.

Homeo Can Help in Fighting Schizophrenia
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