Homeopathy – An Effective Treatment Method for Typhoid

Homeopathy – An Effective Treatment Method for Typhoid

A fever is your body’s natural way of responding to an infection and is generally not a cause of concern. However, when you have high fever for several days which may go up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit coupled with weakness, abdominal pain, and headaches; you need to consult your doctor. These are the symptoms of typhoid, a bacterial infection caused by the bacteria – Salmonella typhi.

Although typhoid is not a dangerous health condition, it may be fatal if left untreated and it is found that 25% of the untreated cases result in death. You are at risk of contracting typhoid through contaminated water and food and it is passed on by human carriers who carry the bacteria in their intestines and bloodstream. Through studies, it is understood that typhoid causing bacteria, S typhi enters the body through the mouth and rests in the intestine for about one to three weeks. Later, it gets into the bloodstream and spreads into other organs and tissues. For an effective and the best typhoid treatment sans antibiotics that give side-effects, you should rely on remedies provided by Homeo clinics.

How to identify if your fever is typhoid?

Generally, symptoms of typhoid start developing between 6-30 days of getting exposed to the bacteria and it can also happen that some people carry typhoid causing bacteria without developing symptoms and knowing that they carry it. Symptoms that can help you identify if your fever is typhoid are –

  • High fever
  • Weakness
  • Headaches
  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Rose-coloured spots or rash usually on neck & abdomen in some people

You can prevent contracting typhoid by following a few general guidelines –

  • Washing hands – You should wash your hands frequently, preferably in hot, soapy water
    • Wash before preparing food
    • Wash before eating
    • Wash compulsorily after using the toilet
    • You can use a hand sanitizer if the water is not available
  • Drink clean water – You should avoid drinking untreated water as it could be contaminated with the bacteria.
  • Take hot food – You should choose hot foods and avoid consuming street food that has more chances of getting contaminated.

How does homeopathy help typhoid patients?

Homeopathic medicines are natural and safe for everyone. Treatment at homeopathy clinics focuses on the totality of a patient’s health by offering personalized examination and case analysis because each individual has different physical capabilities and tolerance levels to various health conditions and it is also necessary to understand the root cause of the condition to provide appropriate remedies. Homeo remedies restore your body’s immune system and strengthen it to fight the ailment naturally from within and make your body free of disease, unlike the conventional treatment methods where a patient may carry the bacteria in his/her intestine or gallbladder even after recovering from the symptoms and infect others.

Homeopathy – An Effective Treatment Method for Typhoid

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