Homeopathy – The Patient-Friendly Medicine Method

Homeopathy – The Patient-Friendly Medicine Method

There are several medicine systems that are followed around the world but, only a couple of them could gain the trust of millions of people with their effectiveness and reach. Homeopathy is one such system of alternative medicine that is the second largest medical system in the world.  Developed by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, Homeopathy is largely based on the doctrine – ‘like cures like’. This system of medicine is being trusted by millions of people across the world for its safe, non-toxic, and non-addictive treatment methods with zero side-effects.

Homeopathy in India:

According to sources, Homeopathy came to India in the early 19th century and gained widespread popularity very soon. Following the lead of Mahendra Lal Sircar, the first Indian Homeopathic physician, many allopathic doctors, and others studied Homeopathy and started practice. From the time the Government of India recognized Homeopathy as one of the national systems of medicine in 1973, its education and practice have been regulated making only qualified registered homeopaths eligible to practice Homeopathy. As of now, it is estimated that nearly 10% of the Indian population prefers Homeopathy for their health care needs due to the safe and gentle cure it provides.

Homeopathy principles:

As a science, Homeopathy is based on certain fundamental principles that guide its system and make its treatments safe and gentle.

  • Like cures like: According to this principle, a substance that can cause a symptom of an ailment in a healthy person can stimulate cure in an unhealthy person suffering from similar symptoms if the substance is given in micro doses.
  • Minimum dose: Per this principle, only the smallest amount of a substance should be administered that would help in healing an ailing person.
  • Law of simplex: This principle specifies that only one simple medicinal substance should be administered at a given point of time.

Homeopathy physicians provide treatment on the basis that each and every individual is unique and no two individuals are alike in health. Homeopathic medicines are given to patients considering various physical, mental, and emotional aspects and hence the same medicine cannot be administered to different people with similar physical symptoms.


Homeopathy can successfully treat various health ailments and conditions with its zero-side effects medicines and is popular for both chronic and acute diseases. People suffering from chronic and recurring diseases like asthma, skin diseases, etc. and those suffering from acute diseases like cold, flu, etc. can get relief with the effective Homeopathic medicines if taken as per the instructions of a registered Homeopathy physician. There are multiple reasons for the popularity of homeopathy and why people depend on homeopathy for their healthcare.

  • Effective: Homeopathy medicines are really effective in treating patients who have been suffering from chronic ailments and have got vexed with the other conventional medicine systems. These medicines are also effective in healing ailments that are of a recurring nature and disturb the routine of a patient by reappearing every few days or months or years. Some of the recurring diseases that can be effectively treated with homeopathy medicines are allergies, migraine, acne, etc.
  • Relief: Although other conventional methods also provide relief from ailments, they usually suppress the condition and don’t cure them completely. However, homeopathic treatment is well-known for the lasting relief it provides. This is possible in homeopathy because of the holistic treatment that is given considering all the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of a patient which aids in eliminating the root cause of ailment from the body constitution.
  • Safe: The biggest benefit of approaching homeopathic treatment is that it is a safe system of medicine that doesn’t result in any kind of side effects. All the medicines are sourced from natural substances like plants, animals, and minerals that are used in the smallest quantities that leave no chance of adverse effects.

Homeopathy is an effective and safe medicine system that fills hope and positivity in millions of ailing patients. For the best results, patients should approach a homeopathy consultant as soon as they identify symptoms and not as the last resort.

Homeopathy – The Patient-Friendly Medicine Method

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