The medicines used in homeopathy are unique, in the sense; they taste sweet unlike the bitter medicines in other treatment methods. The basic ingredients that are used in these medicines are composed of substances that are sourced from more than three thousand varieties of plants, animals, chemicals and minerals. The diluted substances from various sources are extracted into different solvents and these liquids in various potencies are mixed with the medicine in form of sweet pills. Since the medicine contains a minuscule amount of the original substance because of the repetitive dilution in the process of potentiating; homeopathy medicines are safe without any side effects.

Although homeopathic medicines do not have an expiry date, they tend to lose their efficacy when touched or exposed to direct sunlight, strong odours, and extreme temperatures. So, they need to be preserved appropriately in air-tight containers and placed in normal room temperature that is moist-free.

Homeopathic medicines work on the body by stimulating nerves directly and are not digested. Hence, there will be no side effects of using these medicines even for the long term.

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