Tackle Viral Fever with Homeopathy

Viral Fever with Homeopathy
Viral Fever

Fever is a common ailment; however, people tend to worry about viral fevers that come with seasonal changes. This is because fever is a common symptom of various viral infections that could be fatal at times.

What is Viral Fever?

Did you know that fevers are usually a sign that your body is fighting off some bacterial or viral infection? A body temperature anything above the normal temperature of 98.6° F is considered fever and one that is caused by an underlying viral infection is called a viral fever. Different viral infections can affect you ranging from the common cold to the flu with the temperature ranging from 99° F to 103° F.

Symptoms of Viral Fever:

As already discussed, fever is the major sign of viral fever and the other symptoms include –

  • chills
  • sweating
  • headache and body pains
  • dehydration
  • fatigue
  • loss of appetite
  • burning in the eyes
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • skin rashes
  • running nose
  • nasal congestion
  • sore throat
  • cough

Causes of Viral Fever:

Different types of viruses cause viral fever. Viruses are minute parasitic and infectious agents that reproduce inside the living cells of the host. When you are infected by a virus, it multiplies at a fast pace. To fight off the virus, your body’s temperature increases and it results in fever. A virus can infect your body in multiple ways –

  • Air – When someone with a viral infection sneezes or coughs, you may get infected from the droplets of the infected person through the air you breathe in. Flu and the common cold are examples of such infections.
  • Food – By consuming contaminated food or water you can get infected with some viral infections like norovirus and enterovirus.    
  • Bites – When an infected animal or insect bites you, it may result in a viral infection. Dengue is an example of a mosquito-borne viral infection.
  • Bodily fluids – When bodily fluids of an infected person are exchanged with someone, it may result in infections such as viral HIV and Hepatitis.

Your risk of getting infected by viral infections and fever increases when you –

  • stay close to an infected person
  • stay in areas or travel to areas where viral fever is prevalent
  • are working with infected people
  • have unprotected sex
  • share needles

Complications of Viral Fever:

Diagnosing a specific form of viral fever becomes difficult sometimes as the symptoms are almost similar in many ailments. Doctors can arrive at a correct diagnosis with the help of blood tests and other lab reports to avoid complications like –

  • dehydration
  • shock
  • malfunctioning of the nervous system
  • seizures
  • certain organ failure or multi-organ failure
  • coma

Certain forms of viral fever can prove to be fatal if appropriate and timely treatment is not provided.

Viral Fever and Homeopathy:

Usually, a viral fever subsides on its own in a few days without any specific treatment. Even if treatment is required, viral fevers cannot be treated with antibiotics as viral infections do not respond to them. Homeopathy offers effective remedies to deal with viral fever and these remedies target the actual infection rather than the mere symptoms. The Homeo clinics provide holistic treatment that eliminates the root cause of the infection, reduces the impact of symptoms and ensures that no trails of fever are left in the infected person and the person is completely cured. Choose the best homeopathy clinics for safe and zero side-effects treatment.

Tackle Viral Fever with Homeopathy
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