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Don’t Let Parkinson’s Disease Bother You

Life is very much unpredictable and it becomes even more unpredictable if you have Parkinson’s disease. It is a brain disorder affecting body movements and restricting one’s life to a great extent. According to estimates, around ten million people around the world suffer from Parkinson’s disease. But, it can be managed effectively with the holistic […]

Kill the Irritation of Hives with Homeopathy

We often experience different kinds of skin rashes or allergies that not only make our lives uncomfortable but also change our appearance and affect our confidence levels. One such common yet disgusting skin condition is ‘hives’ that affects nearly 15% of the population at least once in a lifetime. Instead of applying creams and taking […]

Homeo Can Help in Fighting Schizophrenia

Usually, when your friends or family have a health problem, they discuss it with you and you try to understand it by putting yourself in their shoes. However, this is not possible in mental disorder cases like schizophrenia. A person with schizophrenia gets affected by the disorder in such a way that the basic processes […]

Tackle Viral Fever with Homeopathy

Fever is a common ailment; however, people tend to worry about viral fevers that come with seasonal changes. This is because fever is a common symptom of various viral infections that could be fatal at times. What is Viral Fever? Did you know that fevers are usually a sign that your body is fighting off […]

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