I started my treatment in 2017 and got very good relief for the below complaints after taking treatment at Delphis.

1. Acidity: Complete relief by using Homeo medicine.
2. Diabetes: Considerable improvement in maintaining sugar levels (without many variations). In the normal levels prostration decreased due to sugar levels dropping percentage.
3. Vertigo: 95% cured exclusively by taking Homeo medicine!!
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V. Janaki
I have experienced remarkable improvement in my sinusitis and lower back pain after I started my treatment at Delphis.
I was suffering with chronic sinusitis for over 20 years. After starting my treatment at Delphis, I have seen considerable improvement and upto 80% relief. There have been no further problems observed since Dec 18! Now am feeling good without nose block, headache, etc.
Also there has been significant improvement in treating my Lower Back Pain.
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Bindu Madhava Rao V
We are very satisfied with Dr. Rao's diagnosis and treatment plan and have developed complete faith in the power of homeopathic treatment.
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Dhruti Pandya
I have seen drastic improvement in skin rashes/itches and also my appetite has improved after treatment at Delphis and I gained immense confidence, I am very happy with the results!!
A Few Words about the Doctor: Very friendly and listens to the patient’s problems with patience.
Overall Experience with the Delphis: Very good attitude from everybody. Prompt Service. Feeling very good about all aspects.
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A. Praveen Reddy
Results- Before/After: Before I came to Delphis I was suffering from irritable bowels, continuous pain in the abdomen and motions every now and then. Now I have no signs and symptoms of loose motions, abdomen pain, and stomach burns and I am eating food without fear.
A Few Words about the Doctor: The doctor observed all my elements of sickness and gave me full courage to go ahead without fear of eating food and improved my health and restored confidence. He is an excellent doctor. Overall Experience with the clinic: They are very cordial. They treat us patiently and explain about the medicines. Neatness is well maintained.
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Padma Thota
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