What is Achilles Tendinitis and How to Deal With It?

What is Achilles Tendinitis and How to Deal With It? 1

Your body is comprised of numerous cells, tissues and tendons that help it function properly and when any of these things take a toll, your body functioning gets affected. A tendon is a strong tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone and helps in withstanding tension. When your Achilles tendon, the tendon at the back of the lower leg connecting your calf muscles to your heel bone, gets injured, it results in Achilles tendinitis. Achilles tendon can endure great stress and is helpful for you while walking, climbing stairs, running, jumping and standing on your toes. But with overuse and degeneration, it can get irritated and inflamed resulting in the condition of Achilles tendinitis. You can rectify the condition effectively with a little care and remedies offered by the homeopathy clinics.

Symptoms of Achilles Tendinitis:

Achilles tendinitis is a common condition due to excess strain on the tendon and it builds up pain gradually that worsens with time. You may notice these symptoms if you are affected by this condition –

  • persistent swelling that gets worse with activity
  • stiff, slow or weak lower leg
  • pain in the lower leg while running or a little later
  • pain while running fast, running for a long time, or climbing stairs
  • severe pain after exercising

Causes of Achilles Tendinitis:

You may get affected by this condition due to repetitive or intense strain on the Achilles tendon which usually weakens with age and makes you more prone to injury. Some common causes include –

  • exercise without appropriate warm-up
  • straining the calf muscles with continual physical activity
  • doing exercise with a sudden increase in the intensity
  • playing rigorous sports that require abrupt stops & changes in direction of the leg
  • wearing worn out and ill-fitting shoes
  • wearing high-heel footwear for long-duration daily
  • bone spurs in the back of the heel
  • foot, leg, or ankle anatomy

Prevention of Achilles Tendinitis:

The risk of developing Achilles tendinitis can be prevented to an extent by being aware of the various causes and precautions to avoid those risks.

  • exercise limitation – Do not do any exercise excessively leading to strain and injury
  • exercise variation – Reduce stress on the tendon with exercises of alternating impact like high-impact exercises and low-impact exercises
  • appropriate footwear – Wear correct footwear that fits your foot and replace them as and when required
  • arch support – Use arch supports in your shoe if your shoe doesn’t provide proper arch support
  • gradual increase in the intensity of activity – Increase the intensity of your workout or physical activity gradually so as to not put a sudden strain on your tendon

Homeopathy Treatment for Achilles Tendinitis:

Homeopathy clinics in Hyderabad offer excellent remedies for the Achilles tendinitis. Homeo remedies like Arnica Montana, Rhus Toxicodendron, Ruta gravels can effectively heal your Achilles tendinitis. Doctors in Homeo clinics like Delphis treat a patient holistically taking into consideration various aspects of their life like their tastes, preferences, lifestyle choices, professional requirements etc. These doctors also suggest appropriate changes in diet and their lifestyle that help heal the condition quickly.

What is Achilles Tendinitis and How to Deal With It?

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