Why Delphis?

Honest Assessment

Delphis, with a vision to provide integrated approach of homeopathic treatment, is one of the trusted Homeopathy Clinics in Hyderabad with experienced and committed doctors, led by Dr. N. Srinivasa Rao as the Director. With the reputation of curing all kinds of diseases, Delphis is growing to be recognized as one of the best homeopathic clinics in Hyderabad.

Our customized treatments are carefully devised and monitored to relieve you of your ailments and help you live a more comfortable life in a sustainable way. We are committed to providing the best service through accurate and in-depth analysis of the case and prescribing effective medication which has been our secret of maintaining excellent relations with our patients over the years. Our processes are highly quality conscious and our services, efficient and cost-effective.

Well-trained Doctors

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Delphis has well-trained doctors with in-depth experience in understanding the physical and emotional factors that result in an ailment in a patient. Our doctors have a medical science degree from accredited institutes and strictly adhere to the code of conduct to provide the best quality patient care. Our doctors are well-equipped to understand the nuances of new-age medicine and the various technological advancements in the medical industry that help in improving a patient’s health. Our doctors believe in the scientific approach to diseases, they find out the root cause of the disease and provide treatment so as to uproot the disease from the patient’s constitution completely.

Patient Experience

The patients at Delphis are given utmost importance and provided with customized treatments for their diseases. Patients can be assured of personalized treatments free of side effects that are planned considering their ailments, profession, lifestyle etc. Delphis provides convenience in booking appointments by offering three options – walk-ins, over phone and online. Patients can book the doctor’s appointment as per their convenience.

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